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error with vista

PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 1:27 pm
by julien
First of all, thank you to the dev of this program, i used with xp, and i like it. Now, im trying to use it with vista. After installation, i start it, and i have this message

error reading : module1-load translation
Error 380

Can you help me please, what shall i do?

Thank you
Have nice flight

Re: error with vista

PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 4:00 am
by UberDemon
I only have one laptop running Vista, and UQMG worked OK. Unfortunately after giving Vista a very fair try for a long time, almost a year, I have decided tonight to downgrade (or is it upgrade) to XP in it... This is the first time I have done this with any MS OS. I like to have a certain level of control over my computers, and Vista has made it annoyingly difficult for that to happen.

Perhaps in a year or two I'll give it a try again.

So I am sorry for your difficulties. You may need to go to and download the VB Run time files for VB6.