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UQMG x64

Postby dup on Thu May 18, 2006 1:14 pm


Try UQMG under Windows XP x64.
The creation of the mission is very very very long !

Did not figure out why...

Any idea ?
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Postby UberDemon on Fri May 19, 2006 2:32 am

If the mission is complex, has many planes, and has many changes in the ground editing function, it may take time. Also, every mission gets created 3 times (One SP version, one Coop version, and one DF version).

I have not used Win 64 bits, so I am not sure why a more advanced OS would take longer than say, Windows XP Home Edition. Perhaps Win 64 in your computer is using one of those great cataloguing features that are supposed to make your computer more efficient but only slows it down because it tries to create a database with the directories that are being accessed under the root UQMG directory... It could also be any anti virus software... pretty much all of them have a function that accesses every file that gets manipulated... meaning considerable slowness in your PC. It could be a variety of reasons... no PC is alike, especially considering how many other processes you may have running concurrently... for example, if "mdm.exe" is running (MS Machine Debugger), no matter what you do, everything will run slow, even if you have the best PC in the world... Other programs such as Weather Bug sometimes can run 99% of your processor time...

Do a Ctrl-Alt-Del and see what is running... other than that... I am sorry to say but, who knows? Without ever using Win XP 64 and understanding how Visual Studio 6 (SP6) processes are affected... I am not sure...
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