Development Updates

Development Updates

Development Update 08.06.12

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Latest development shots posted on the wall.

BlackSix has posted the latest development update on 1C Forums


Development Update 01.06.12

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Lagg 3 Battle For Moscow development screenshots in the stream


Friday Update, 13th April 2012

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Beta Patch release draws near


BlackSix has posted the latest development update on 1CForums read more for details, the latest screenshots can be viewed in the Gallery.


Friday Update, 6th April 2012

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The latest development update has been posted on 1C Forums by Blacksix. More development screenshots can be viewed in the Gallery

 Good day everyone!
The patch is still laggy at times. Last week’s problems are harder to crack than expected. Particle and effects-related problems are still there. We’ll be working over the weekend to make sure the patch is ready ASAP because, we know, come on!
Today’s update meanwhile shows off some new ground vehicles made for the sequel as well as the screenshots of WIP Russian villages. The landscape is being built by an external team and they are extremely excited about hearing your feedback. Constructive, if at all possible, but I know, come on.
Hope this will keep you busy over the weekend!
Have a great weekend!


Friday Update, 30th March 2012

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More development screenshots can be viewed in the Gallery

The latest development update has been posted on 1C Forums by Blacksix.

We still don’t have the beta of the patch ready for the public, nor do we have a definite release date. The particle system remains a final bastion of the micro-freeze. We almost succumbed to public pressure and released a version of the patch with micro-freezes every time there are particle effects on screen, but finally decided that would be anticlimactic at best. Drops in FPS every time you fire your guns would only add oil to the fire, in our opinion. Better to face your ire a little longer for not releasing the patch than to face the outrage when the long-awaited beta is imperfect.

Still, while our graphic programmers are struggling with that, other team members are progressing along other fronts.

We are showing you some screenshots of the most iconic aircraft from the upcoming sequel. We are currently fine-tuning the flight model, and new ground-attack AI routines. We just cannot hold back the screenshots of how cool it looks. We’re all stoked here.

We know that none of you can really share our joy yet, and Cliffs of Dover is all you have at the moment. We have discussed at length whether we should even be talking about the future while our present is in the state it’s in. Dissension notwithstanding, we did decide that some extra glimmer of hope is better than complete silence. The last thing we want is for an extra segment of the community to start complaining that we’ve stopped showing our Eastern Front content as well.

So that’s the update then!

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